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My Problematic Air Conditioning Event

While in the middle of a Twitch live stream game I was a part of, I found that the temperature of my room was getting hotter and more uncomfortable. It was then that I realized how hot my computer was running, so immediately shut down to see what was going on. It turns out, my A/C stopped working, no warm air, no clanking sound, nothing. With the temperature steadily rising, I tried to see about getting an air conditioning installation jacksonville fl specialist out asap, and luckily, I was able to find the company, Air Source America. Having a reliable A/C repairman in Jacksonville is something that everyone here needs, especially if it is Air Source America, as they had my A/C up and running in no time.

With this significant issue taken care of, I was able to resume my gaming once again. With all of this happening, I realized how much quicker my computer room got compared to the rest of my place. My gaming room is usually a comfortable temperature, but this last event made me examine a few things when it comes to computers and air conditioning, specifically how important these two are together.

Overheating- You and Your Computer

As is the case with all electrical devices, energy is needed for it to work. From that energy the computer takes in, it is only natural that from that heat is generated. Now, this excess heat is usually pretty easily regulated with the cooling system, aka its fan. This is to make sure that the excess heat does not damage the computer. Now, this may seem all well and good, but the fan can only do so much, and with the surrounding environment being excessively warm as well means that the cooling system is working against more than it can handle. This is where the threat of permanent damage to your PC comes into play.

To add to the idea of overheating, you can be in some grave danger while inhabiting such a room as well. As described earlier, the excess heat in the room means you are occupying an area that can negatively affect you as well, with dehydration and heatstroke becoming increasingly more realistic threats.

All in all, you want to make sure your A/C unit is healthy, and properly maintained by a company like Air Source America, as it can save you the headache of having to replace your computer or save you a hospital visit.

Even Gamers Need to Change Their Brakes

Even Gamers Need to Their Brakes

Brake Repair ShopAventura is an incredible city! It is filled with some of the best restaurants and beaches in the country. If you like highrises, there are more highrises in Aventura than anywhere else I can think of. But the best part about Aventura, its gaming community. There are so many other gamers in the city that it just makes me feel like I am at home when I am there.

So on my last visit to Aventura, I was excited to go to the gaming convention. My buddy Rick and I drove down to Aventura, went to the gaming convention, and decided to spend the night. On the way to our hotel room, I noticed that there was a problem with my brakes, they were not working properly, and it was a scary thing. Rick and I knew that before we hit the road again, we should definitely fix the brakes. We looked online for a good, local, brake repair shop and found the perfect one, Aventura Brakes & Auto Center.

When Rick and I pulled up to Aventura Brakes & Auto Center, we knew we had found the right place. They had technicians in the garage working on other cars diligently, and I knew that they would be able to help us out too. I went to the front desk and talked to the man in charge. He told me to bring my car to the front, and he would take a look at it. After inspecting the car for five minutes, he saw what the problem with the car was. He told us what it would cost us to fix it, which was actually pretty affordable, and said that he can get it done that day. We left the car there with him and went sight seeing a little in Aventura to pass the time.

After only about three hours, we got the call Brake Repair Shopback from Aventura Brakes & Auto Center, they told us that the car was repaired and ready to go. Rick and I headed back to the shop and to our amazement, the car was there, already repaired. I drove it around to make sure that it was good, and the brakes seemed to work perfectly. We knew that we had gone to the right brake repair shop and the experience was completely painless.

Aventura Brakes & Auto Center specializes in break repair, but that is not the only thing that they can do. They can diagnose any problem that you may have with your car. They perform standard oil changes, A/C Repairs, tune-ups, and help increase engine performance. As a brake repair shop though, they are absolutely number one in my book.

Because of the excellent service at Aventura Brakes & Auto Center, Rick and I were able to get back on the road with our repaired car in no time and get to our next gaming convention with time to spare. If you ever find yourself in Aventura and are in need of a break repair shop or an auto repair shop in general, do not hesitate to contact Aventura Brakes & Auto Center. You will be glad that you did.

Security System Consultation from SAFE Inc.

Security System Consultation

There is a whole range of features available in today’s home security systems. If you are upgrading from an older system, one feature you may discover is a greater ease of use.

Though more complicated and sensitive, learning how to operate a home security system will only take about thirty minutes. Such systems also come with a remote that is much like the remote control you use in your car alarm. Hit a button to enSecurity Systemsable it, hit it twice to disable. It is so easy it could be operated even by a child.

A security system can also be installed using the practical wire method or a wireless set up, which will not require holes to be drilled in your home. It is also very easy to set up that homeowners are having fun installing the system. There are also alarm systems which could be accessed from a remote location allowing you to see what is going on around. You can monitor your house even if you are in the office or other places.

As with anything, the cost will vary depending on the model, brand, and features of your system. You can also opt to have a monthly agreement with a security firm whereby they will monitor your security system for any alarms that are triggered.

Even if you are traveling abroad, there is no need to be concerned about what you are leaving behind. Though a lot of people do not concern themselves with such measures, they often seek one when a burglary and another intrusion on their property takes place. Why wait for such an incident before you act? Having a security system installed now may save the lives of your family or the loss of some valuable possessions. There will obviously be a cost, but the security and peace of mind of having an efficient home security system installed will far outweigh this in the long run.

When getting a residential or commercial security system from a company like SAFE Inc., you are going to be searching forward to protect your home or property from cases of burglary, criminal activity, and trespassing. An ideal security program is composed of distinct components, for example, motion sensors and video cameras among others; they can be broken down into two major groups which incorporate those that are monitored and others that are unmonitored. Also, you’ll find they can either be wired or wireless. It can be significant to note that every of these come with some pros and cons and in most instances, as a consumer, it is crucial to be well educated so that you can make the proper choice.


Monitored Security SystemA monitored security program works by alerting the call center about any breach of security. This is when a door or window sensor is triggered and they, in turn, inform the residence owner by calling them to see if everything is in order. Inside the event there is any burglar attempting to break in, the operator is supposed to call the authorities and ensure that the house owners get support.


Unmonitored Security SystemThis kind of security system relies on sounds. Once the alarm is triggered by something, they’re recognized to produce sirens as well as other high pitch sounds to alert residence owners of a break in. This, in turn, scares the intruders, and they get away before accomplishing their mission. When acquiring this type of systems, it’s also considered perfect to consist of some flood lights to be able to boost the level of reliability. With this kind of system, the duty of calling in the authorities solely falls on the residence owner or the neighbors.


Wired Security SystemThese are known to rely on wiring which transmits information through sensors and security devices to a control panel or a central console. This is usually installed in a hidden area, and it comes with the capabilities of activating and deactivating the system. Note that this can only be carried out with the aid of numeric codes. The installation of this has to be accomplished with cables and wires. It is precisely for this reason that when choosing this type of security system, it is advisable to consult with specialists.


Wireless Security SystemAny security system that uses wireless technologies is considered to be at the forefront of technologies development. This is simply because they don’t depend on any wiring, are flexible and have sensor replacements. What exactly is more, these are mainly recognized to be reliable and not susceptible to interruptions which may render the program unreliable. To cap it all, in case you are traveling; it’s considerably simple to take the security program together with you.

As stated earlier, these are the rich varieties of security systems, and when creating your choice, it’s critical to think about your requirements very first to be able to guarantee that you make the very best possible choice that can give you the highest level of security. It can be crucial to state that when selecting your security system, it is critical to consider the costs, functionality as well as the locality you intend to have the program installed.

My Trip to Georgia


Hey guys, Art here. Last week I visited my mother in Georgia. She’s got a nice little house up there with a two car garage, nothing too fancy. One night when I was sleeping, I heard a big bang come from the garage and immediately thought that it was an intruder. When I went over investigate, I did not see anything there and thought that I had just imagined it and just went back to sleep. The next morning when my mother was trying to go to work the garage door would not lift when she pressed the button. I attempted to open it as well but had no luck. I noticed that one of the springs on top of the garage was broken and knew that that was the problem. I looked online for a company that can help repair the garage quick, because my mom needed to go to work, and found 911 Garage Door, the best garage door repair company in Atlanta.

911 Garage Door picked up the phone right away and knew exactly what I was talking about when I described to them the problem. They ensured me that they can fix the problem soon and that a technician woul1213f7dcffd6956a8e2e1e5cefe9a33c_larged be arriving at my mother’s house in Atlanta, soon, to take a look at the problem and repair the garage door. Immediately after I hung up the phone with the operator, I received a call from the technician, informing me that he was on the way. The technician arrived at my mother’s house twenty minutes later and began working.

Before the 911 Garage Door technician initially started to work, he gave us a price that we knew could not be beaten anywhere else. We accepted his number, and he got to work. He resolved the problem within 20 minutes and informed us that this will not happen again for at least another ten years. We signed the invoice, paid the man, and my mom was able to get her car out of her garage and was able to go to work. You will not find another Garage Door Repair Service in Atlanta that can do all of this.

bigstock-Garage-Door-47918504911 Garage Door is a full-service Garage Door Repair company in Atlanta. Not only do they fix broken springs, but anything having to do with your garage door. If you door comes off track, they have the necessary tools and expertise to fix this problem. If you would like a tune-up or need maintenance performed on your garage door, they can do that as well. If you need your whole door replaced, they are the company for you too. No other company can give you this service and expertise at such an affordable price.

911 Garage Door far exceeded mine and my mother’s expectations by a long shot. There is no other garage door repair company in Atlanta that can do what they do and at the price that they do it. I recommend their services to everyone living in the Atalanta area, and I know that whenever my mother has any problems with her door, they will be there for her.

Healthcare Digital Signage Should Be for Video Games

Healthcare Digital Signage for Gaming

A game played on a console or PC with a highly capable graphics card makes you enjoy the full high-definition that a TV with a native display of 1920 x 1080 gives. Recently I was stunned when I went to visit my cousin at the hospital. You would think that I was moved by the quick recovery that my cousin was making. That is just part of the story. The essence of this blog is the stunning, high quality, excellent healthcare digital signage on the walls. I could not stop imagining what they are capable of doing other than displaying directions and text only messages about physicians and nurses’ routines in the hospital.

After a brief visit to the ward, I decided to take a stroll within the hospital to admire the displays and see whether any of them was showing something else other than directions. No sooner had I entered into the waiting area for the minor surgery room that I saw one massive LG LED SuperSign61pMnTrSYKL._SL1200_. Upon inquiry later, I was informed that it was the LX540s series. In fact, it comes in various sizes. You can get one at 43”, 49”, 55”, 60” and 65”. I had been staring at the 60” model and for a minute, someone would think my gaze was hooked on the screen forever. Words cannot even explain the stunning pictures that seemed like real life. The signage use of the display was appropriate because everything displayed was very crisp and eye-friendly.

I learned later that MDM Commercial is the company behind the healthcare digital signage solutions that I saw at the hospital. Without them, I would be lost; not knowing where the wards were and were I would find my cousin. It took me a minute to figure out every area of the hospital because the signage contained so much detail in one screen. If something else was being used for the signage, I bet it would require more than two-square-feet to fill all the detail that I was able to capture as one screen glance. As with gaming, being able to have a big picture perspective works wonders on your next move.

Imagine a scenario where you get answers immediately when questions pop up in your head. That was the benefit of having high definition displays as signage. There was no need to ask where was the radiology clinic or pester nurses about ICU visiting hours. I even got information that I was not thinking about in the first place but realized it was important later. For example, as I moved to the reception just outside my cousin’s room at the hospital, I glanced at the signage, games-desktop-wallpapers-hd-backgroundthis time, it was a 43” model and noticed that there were bathrooms on the floor and an emergency flight of stairs at the end of the hallway. All the details were presented on one screen, and I was impressed by having to capture all the info. I think MDM Commercial has done an excellent job with the healthcare digital signage solutions because not only are the displays awesome to use for patients and other hospital visitors like me, but their position at strategic centers throughout all floors was very thoughtful.

The signage offers answers effortlessly, and they freed hospital staffs to attend to pressing matters in their job duties. When I was making inquiries, I was tempted to get one signage just for my house, although now that I think of it, maybe it would have been a ridiculous thing. However, I also noted that the signage displays comes with USB 2.0 Media Host for Photos and Music, Built-In TV Tuner and an invisible speaker system. They can be used for making an announcement and playing video and audio features from USB or from centralized media servers. Their built-in tuner can be used for broadcasting different TV channels relevant to the target audiences in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. In fact, in my cousin’s room at the hospital, during his relaxation time, nurses tuned the signage display nearest to him to his favorite nature channel and periodically switched back to the bulletin of the hospital that was delivered on an hourly basis.

SONY-TV-2I think next time I am getting a high definition display for my new gaming rig, I will go by MDM Commercial just to ensure am getting the best of the deal. I know they take their job of providing cost-effective, simple to use high-definition television and healthcare digital signage products for hospitals and other medical facilities, very seriously, and they are experts in that field.

Albertelli Construction in Jacksonville

Albertelli Construction in Jacksonville

Albertelli ConstructionMoving seems like gaming where you want the best for the price that you can afford at all times. At least, this is how I saw it when my parents decided that they wanted to retire in Jacksonville Florida. I relate their choices and the benefits of going to the new city for them.

Living in Florida brings the energy that a large city provides. There are things about Jacksonville, Florida that brings back the life feeling in urban areas that previously was only found in small cities and close-knit communities. The extraordinary amount of green space that covers more than 111,000 has something to do with it. It ensures that the atmosphere is calm and relaxes. Lots of greenery amid the comfort of urban features of development is what any couple seeking to enjoy years after slaving at a job would need.

The events that are carried out annually or periodically in cities, as well as its other cultural attributes, are also things to look out when selecting a place to retire. One of the reasons that influenced parents as they were picking a retirement place was the occasional opportunity to participate in worthy causes without having to make extraordinary strategic commitments. The good thing is that Jacksonville is home to the Donna Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, which happens to be the only marathon dedicated to eliminating breast cancer across the nation.

Some cities in Florida have received bad rep for many bad things, but Jacksonville is different because it has many things to do within and outside it without having to undergo significant discomforts from typical city life challenges. There is the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal that has been attracting popular cruising ships. This provides quick vacation outlets for celebrating special occasions in life such as anniversaries.

Jacksonville FlThe best part about moving to Jacksonville as told by my parents was the choice of housing that was available. The great new neighborhoods by Albertelli Construction were going to be an obvious attractive point for my parents given that they have always had a soft spot for great architecture amidst beautiful tree landscapes. The cottages at Argyle are a recent development by Albertelli Construction and the development consists of 240 units. Acquiring a unit was easy because to the friendly terms on financing that covered new and existing owners.

The cottages offer the feel of a country home with all the amenities of an urban area. This means that my parents were not going to miss anything that they already loved in Miami, especially the occasional visit to the mall and sometimes spending nights at the town hotels. However, that would only be for the occasional times when they need to get away from their lovely cottage. In fact, based on their story so far, they feel like there would be no reason to get bored with their beautiful, serene and quiet neighborhood which is in a gated community that gives closure and privacy as well as a feeling of belonging.

The preconstruction homes from Albertelli Construction are well thought in their design and the cottage idea best suits the homely city of Jacksonville. The argyle forest brings a refreshing air experience to the cottages. The cul-de-sac developments are a good size for mid-sized families and an obvious choice for a retiring couple that only expects the seasonal visits by children and other relatives. Besides, the three bedroomed cottages are ancul de sac design excellent value for money in the quite well-developed neighborhood, which has access to the busy city center while staying open and airy to avoid the stuffy filling of living in busy city blocks.

When I asked my mother, she said this was going to be of the best decisions that my father and she were making about getting something, which they truly wanted. The developments by Albertelli Construction could not be faulted after having followed all local city regulations and embracing a comfortable camouflage with the natural surroundings of the area. Gated community-like settings also mean that homeowners can enjoy secluded recreation facilities like swimming pools in non-congested private areas instead of having to rely on public poorly maintained alternatives in other neighborhoods.

Indeed, with retirement, the best choice is always one that guarantees peace of mind. The same decision would be relevant to a growing family that wants to raise its children with access to good schools, recreational facilities and the other urban amenities like excellent transport and appreciable quality of life.

Moving Day For My Parents


When my parents decided they wanted to retire in Jacksonville Florida, it was a great day for me. Not only because I was happy for them because they deserved it. I was also Happy that I would have a place in Jacksonville that I can Call home when I visit my parents. It was always both my mom and my dad’s dream to retire in a newly built community in the Jacksonville area. They got the opportunity to see their dreams come true the day when my dad when to a luncheon and met Mike and his wife, Betty from a construction company that is known for building entire new neighborhoods.

The first time they took a trip to see the new home in Jacksonville I went with them. Jacksonvillefree-moving-boxes-300x201 has always been one of my favorite places to visit. The trip was pretty far for a drive, so we caught a flight from the Miami International Airport to Jacksonville International Airport. On the trip to Jacksonville, all my mom talked about was how were they going to move all of their belongings in one trip. Flying all their belongings up there was not an option, that would be too expensive.

I hated to see my parents stressing so I decided to find them the best long distance moving company that I could find. I asked around to a few friends that had moved recently. The best suggestion I got was from my friend Jessica. She had just moved to Ft. Lauderdale from New Jersey and she told me about Top Notch Movers. I called them and spoke with the receptionist for five minutes. That’s all the time it took for me to realize they were the right moving company to move my parents.

lsAfter the stress-free move, my parents were settled in their new home, and they were happy. The movers from Top Notch Movers made their life easy. Neither of my parents had to any heavy lifting; the mover took care of everything. They were getting directions the whole day from my mom, and she can be a bit indecisive. She is the type of person to tell you to put something outside and then ask you to bring it back in five minutes later.

Even though she made the movers move a lot of the same pieces multiple time, none of them complained. They too all the directions and moved everything with a smile on their face. It wasn’t one of those fake smiles either, they were genuinely happy and made jokes with my parents. For my parents, it was more than just a move. They made some new friends with the movers from Top Notch Movers. The Top Notch Long Distance Movers definitely lived up to the top notch name. You can check them out for your self here:

Moving A Gamer

Moving a Gamer

When you are a video game lover like I am, you care for each one of your video games as if they were your kids. Some people say I take my love for video games163306457_ce192cdbf5 a little bit too far, but those are the people who always lose to me when they play against me, so their opinions don’t matter. I take care of all of my video games the same way a mother would take care of her kids. I have a bookshelf filled with all of my games. No one else is allowed to take a game off the shelves or put one back on there. The reason for that is because no one else knows where they are supposed to go and if I let them put it back then, my video games will not be organized.

When it comes to my living arrangements, everything is tailored to revolve around my games. From the furniture setup to the place that I choose to live in. I’ve been living in my apartment for the last three years. This past year I bought more video games than I did the previous years. Since I now have so many different video games, my gaming shelf is starting to run out of space. I thought about getting a bigger shelf to accommodate for the extra games, but the apartment was way too small for a bigger bookshelf.

There was only one other option left for me. I had to find a new and bigger apartment. I shopped around for about two weeks before I found the perfect place. The setup was definitely designed for a gamer, at least in my opinion.moving-truck21 I met with the renters the next day after seeing the apartment. I wanted to make sure that I got it because apartments like that never stay on the market long in this part of town. After a week of waiting, I finally heard back from the renters. They went over my application, and I was relieved to see that they approved it, and I could move in whenever I was ready.

Now I was faced with an even bigger challenge. My car was nowhere near big enough to move all of my stuff. It wasn’t even big enough to fit all of my video games and gaming consoles. I was starting to reconsider my move. I didn’t know anyone who I could trust to move all of my video games. The video games were the highest priority on my list. I called my friend Alain a fellow gamer and asked if he could help me move. I figured he was the best person to ask since he too was a gamer and he feels the same way about his games.

That is when my friend Alain told me about movers in Houston that go by the name of HerculeTjq2c8dxyaBe.878x0.Z-Z96KYqs Movers and Packers. He said he was facing the same problem that I was currently facing six months ago. He told me how the Hercules Movers were the best apartment movers in the world. I was more calm about my gaming now that I heard about Hercules Movers.

If you are ever in the Dallas area and are in need of Dallas Movers, that’s a different story. I would definitely go with Busy Bee movers in that circumstance, they will help you move whatever you need, not just video game consoles and accessories.

On the day of the move, I watched as the mover moved my games and everything else, and I was so glad that I went with them as my movers. Moved everything they way I wanted, and nothing was damaged during the move. They even helped me set up the new gaming shelf in my new apartment. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Welcome to Salado’s Scottish Games

Welcome To Salados Scottish Games

Hi there, my name is Art Salado. Welcome to my blog about gaming! I am originally from Scotland. I moved to the United States when I was five years old. I came over with my parents and three of my siblings. I was the youngest of my siblings at the time. We moved lived in Miami because of my dad job. My dad was a video game designer, so I always use to get the new video games before my other friends.

My love for video games started when I was young, but as I got older so did my love for video games. I got my first video game system for my 7th birthday, and I never looked back since.

I started this blog so that all of the video game lovers like myself can have a blog spot to call home. I still have some connections to the video game designing world, so I get most of the games I want early. So when I get a new game before it’s released, I play it, and then I write a review about it on my blog to let you guys know if its worthed it.

I love playing video games, so writing about them on here is like being a baby in a candy shop. Salados Scottish Games is going to be your favorite blog spot if your are a true video gamer!

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