Salado's Scottish Games

Welcome to Salado’s Scottish Games

Welcome To Salados Scottish Games

Hi there, my name is Art Salado. Welcome to my blog about gaming! I am originally from Scotland. I moved to the United States when I was five years old. I came over with my parents and three of my siblings. I was the youngest of my siblings at the time. We moved lived in Miami because of my dad job. My dad was a video game designer, so I always use to get the new video games before my other friends.

My love for video games started when I was young, but as I got older so did my love for video games. I got my first video game system for my 7th birthday, and I never looked back since.

I started this blog so that all of the video game lovers like myself can have a blog spot to call home. I still have some connections to the video game designing world, so I get most of the games I want early. So when I get a new game before it’s released, I play it, and then I write a review about it on my blog to let you guys know if its worthed it.

I love playing video games, so writing about them on here is like being a baby in a candy shop. Salados Scottish Games is going to be your favorite blog spot if your are a true video gamer!

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