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Albertelli Construction in Jacksonville

Albertelli Construction in Jacksonville

Albertelli ConstructionMoving seems like gaming where you want the best for the price that you can afford at all times. At least, this is how I saw it when my parents decided that they wanted to retire in Jacksonville Florida. I relate their choices and the benefits of going to the new city for them.

Living in Florida brings the energy that a large city provides. There are things about Jacksonville, Florida that brings back the life feeling in urban areas that previously was only found in small cities and close-knit communities. The extraordinary amount of green space that covers more than 111,000 has something to do with it. It ensures that the atmosphere is calm and relaxes. Lots of greenery amid the comfort of urban features of development is what any couple seeking to enjoy years after slaving at a job would need.

The events that are carried out annually or periodically in cities, as well as its other cultural attributes, are also things to look out when selecting a place to retire. One of the reasons that influenced parents as they were picking a retirement place was the occasional opportunity to participate in worthy causes without having to make extraordinary strategic commitments. The good thing is that Jacksonville is home to the Donna Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, which happens to be the only marathon dedicated to eliminating breast cancer across the nation.

Some cities in Florida have received bad rep for many bad things, but Jacksonville is different because it has many things to do within and outside it without having to undergo significant discomforts from typical city life challenges. There is the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal that has been attracting popular cruising ships. This provides quick vacation outlets for celebrating special occasions in life such as anniversaries.

Jacksonville FlThe best part about moving to Jacksonville as told by my parents was the choice of housing that was available. The great new neighborhoods by Albertelli Construction were going to be an obvious attractive point for my parents given that they have always had a soft spot for great architecture amidst beautiful tree landscapes. The cottages at Argyle are a recent development by Albertelli Construction and the development consists of 240 units. Acquiring a unit was easy because to the friendly terms on financing that covered new and existing owners.

The cottages offer the feel of a country home with all the amenities of an urban area. This means that my parents were not going to miss anything that they already loved in Miami, especially the occasional visit to the mall and sometimes spending nights at the town hotels. However, that would only be for the occasional times when they need to get away from their lovely cottage. In fact, based on their story so far, they feel like there would be no reason to get bored with their beautiful, serene and quiet neighborhood which is in a gated community that gives closure and privacy as well as a feeling of belonging.

The preconstruction homes from Albertelli Construction are well thought in their design and the cottage idea best suits the homely city of Jacksonville. The argyle forest brings a refreshing air experience to the cottages. The cul-de-sac developments are a good size for mid-sized families and an obvious choice for a retiring couple that only expects the seasonal visits by children and other relatives. Besides, the three bedroomed cottages are ancul de sac design excellent value for money in the quite well-developed neighborhood, which has access to the busy city center while staying open and airy to avoid the stuffy filling of living in busy city blocks.

When I asked my mother, she said this was going to be of the best decisions that my father and she were making about getting something, which they truly wanted. The developments by Albertelli Construction could not be faulted after having followed all local city regulations and embracing a comfortable camouflage with the natural surroundings of the area. Gated community-like settings also mean that homeowners can enjoy secluded recreation facilities like swimming pools in non-congested private areas instead of having to rely on public poorly maintained alternatives in other neighborhoods.

Indeed, with retirement, the best choice is always one that guarantees peace of mind. The same decision would be relevant to a growing family that wants to raise its children with access to good schools, recreational facilities and the other urban amenities like excellent transport and appreciable quality of life.

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