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Moving Day For My Parents


When my parents decided they wanted to retire in Jacksonville Florida, it was a great day for me. Not only because I was happy for them because they deserved it. I was also Happy that I would have a place in Jacksonville that I can Call home when I visit my parents. It was always both my mom and my dad’s dream to retire in a newly built community in the Jacksonville area. They got the opportunity to see their dreams come true the day when my dad when to a luncheon and met Mike and his wife, Betty from a construction company that is known for building entire new neighborhoods.

The first time they took a trip to see the new home in Jacksonville I went with them. Jacksonvillefree-moving-boxes-300x201 has always been one of my favorite places to visit. The trip was pretty far for a drive, so we caught a flight from the Miami International Airport to Jacksonville International Airport. On the trip to Jacksonville, all my mom talked about was how were they going to move all of their belongings in one trip. Flying all their belongings up there was not an option, that would be too expensive.

I hated to see my parents stressing so I decided to find them the best long distance moving company that I could find. I asked around to a few friends that had moved recently. The best suggestion I got was from my friend Jessica. She had just moved to Ft. Lauderdale from New Jersey and she told me about Top Notch Movers. I called them and spoke with the receptionist for five minutes. That’s all the time it took for me to realize they were the right moving company to move my parents.

lsAfter the stress-free move, my parents were settled in their new home, and they were happy. The movers from Top Notch Movers made their life easy. Neither of my parents had to any heavy lifting; the mover took care of everything. They were getting directions the whole day from my mom, and she can be a bit indecisive. She is the type of person to tell you to put something outside and then ask you to bring it back in five minutes later.

Even though she made the movers move a lot of the same pieces multiple time, none of them complained. They too all the directions and moved everything with a smile on their face. It wasn’t one of those fake smiles either, they were genuinely happy and made jokes with my parents. For my parents, it was more than just a move. They made some new friends with the movers from Top Notch Movers. The Top Notch Long Distance Movers definitely lived up to the top notch name. You can check them out for your self here:

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