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Top 10 Video Games of 2015

Top 10 Games of 2015

It’s real video games that foster and develop a creative mindset. Gaming is the most addictive mode of entertainment practiced. All sorts of mobile and video games have been developed and will continue to be produced for decades to come. We all have to admit that 2015 was not a disappointing year when it comes to video games. Many exciting games were released for all enthusiastic gamers. Open world themes, personal stories, and multi-player experiences are a few of the fields covered. This list features the top 10 video games released in 2015 as voted by The Verge’s staff.

1. Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham NightSure Batman makes a great story line for blockbuster movies and cartoons but as a video game, the experience is better. We all fantasized we were Batman fighting crime. Batman: Arkham Knight gives you the chance to wander around Gotham getting intel from radio dispatches. As a player, you can also swoop in and rescue anyone in distress. The game allows you insight into the darkness in Bruce Wayne’s mind. How cool is that! It is suitable for Xbox one, PC, and PS4.

2. Bloodborne

Bloodborne CoverViolence in gaming is indeed satisfying. Bloodborne is a PS4 game that succeeds the Dark Soul series. You know how games ease the player on how to play by starting with easy levels. Well, Bloodborne is not that game, expect to die a lot. As a player, you’ll be an ordinary guy in a violent, unforgiving world. Even infected people will kill you. Learn your way into victory!

3. Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny The Taken King
This is an expansion of Destiny suited for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. We all know how the latter version was, do not expect any difference in Destiny: The Taken Knight. This game comes with real characters with personalities; one is of them is robot companion, more tasks other than just killing, rewards for regular play, flaming hammers, space lighting, and so much more. It’s a great game.

4. Downwell

DownwellWho knew it would be fun to fall in a well? This PC game is aimed at the player making it to the bottom of the well alive. Do not let the classic appearance fool you, it is quite complicated. To stay alive, you’ll need fast reflexes, excellent strategy and to know each enemies weakness. Your boots that shoot bullets when you jump are your primary weapon. However, along the way to he bottom, you upgrade your character.

5. Fallout 4

Fallout 4This game is suited for PC, PS4 AND Xbox One and it’s complicated. As the player, you take on the character of a man in a wasteland. You seek to search and reunite with your child and yet accomplish other duties in the unknown location. Your target is a raider’s head which you have to sever it from the body using a visceral snick. Scary huh? Enjoy the exploration and the story.

6. Her Story

Her StoryIn this game, you get the experience of being a private detective. Your character is a woman whose husband died mysteriously and she tries to resolve the murder. You get to watch videos, go through databases and police files to search for clues. Her Story gives you the thrill you always wanted whenever you watch these investigative shows and documentaries. It is meant for PC and iOS.

7. Life is Strange

Life is StrangeEver wondered how a game featuring suicide and time travel would feel? Probably not! Life is Strange features these two events and is has a high school setting. It is meant for Xbox One and 360, PS3and 4, and PC. Playing this game is like acting in a television show. You’ll make difficult decisions; even determining whether other characters get to live. With the time travel aspect, you can always right your wrongs.

8. Rocket League

Rocket LeagueThis PC and PS4 game is as entertaining as it can get. It fuses soccer and rockets. Well, rocket powered cars. You get to play football using rocket powered cars. You also get to play the hero. How exciting!

9. Splatoon

SplatoonThis is a multi-player game with creatures resembling squids. It comes with a twist when most online games aim at killing your opponent, in Splatoon it’s painting the stage with your creatures ink color. Expect the game to get better in future.

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3It has is setting in medieval, times in a place called White Orchard. You wander on horseback, engage in combat with your enemies and even escape from execution. This game is undoubtedly aimed to impress players.

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